Gift Ideas for the Different People and Occasions in Your Life

Gift Ideas for the Different People and Occasions in Your Life

It’s definitely not easy finding the perfect gift for a person who seems to have everything. People who are hard to buy gifts for, make shopping more of a burden. They are always the ones that say, “I don’t need anything.” A gift for someone who has everything should be special and something they wouldn’t normally buy for themselves. Keep reading and you will see that this will no longer be a difficult task. In fact, they’re so awesome that you’ll be tempted to get one for yourself, too! 

What to buy for the man who has everything? What to get Dad for Father’s day?

Manstand Close up - holding wallet, keys, phone, glasses, and watch

The man who says he has everything is lying. He just can’t think at that moment. Multiple times during the week he’ll say “I need…[insert random thing here]” but when asked later in the day, he won't remember what that was. This is also the same man who loses his glasses on his hat and his keys in his pocket. God forbid someone asks him where his wallet is. . . 

For this man, the ManStand helps keep all of those constantly searched for items all in one place. Perfect for the person who is always running late because they are searching for their everyday items. It holds your Phone, Wallet, Rings, Watch, Keys, Glasses, and Miscellaneous items all in one place. It keeps all everyday essentials organized and easy to locate. It’s also very easily assembled. Get the ManStand engraved to make it extra special. Also, it’ll help him remember it’s his.

What to get a kid who has everything? Birthday gift ideas for kids

Letter Piggy Bank in the Shape of a "K" - Engraving reads "Kenlee"

These days it feels like kids have everything they could possibly need. Smartphones and streaming services have spoiled our kids. They’ll never know the struggle of blowing into cartridge-based video game consoles or waiting a week for a new episode of our favorite show. So what do we get these kids who seemingly have all they could ever want? Well, we suggest something tangible where they can see their hard work paying off: a Personal Piggy Bank

This handcrafted Organic Oak Piggy Bank was made in Texas and finished with food-safe Mineral Oil. Handcrafted from 100% Organic Oak Lumber in the USA. No Paints or Stains used (0-VOC). These Letter banks come in 2 sizes with an acrylic front that can be engraved and personalized with the child’s name. 

According to research, children as young as 5 understand the idea of saving. Introducing an allowance and providing them a piggy bank with a see-through clear acrylic front casing helps them visualize the saving process. Plus, with our high-quality construction, their new personalized Piggy Bank will last them a lifetime. 

What to Give Newlyweds? What to Buy for a Wedding Gift? 

Family name signs - The Jacksons Est 2021

Buying a Wedding gift can be tricky. Sure, there’s always the registry to work off of and that’s supposed to make it easier, but oftentimes all the good items on a registry are already bought by others. No one feels great about giving someone a set of measuring cups because it was the last time on the registry. And speaking from experience, a registry can be more of a wishlist of high-priced items that are not practical gifts for a wedding (husbands-to-be picking items gets a little ridiculous). 

Play it safe. This last name wooden Family Sign is the perfect gift for a new family just starting out. It’s a keepsake that they will always love, and when they move, it’ll be that one item they need to put up first because it will turn their new house into a home. With our happiness guarantee, if they don’t love it they can ship it back for an exchange or full refund.

Don’t stop at wedding gifts, our Personalized Signs make great gifts for Anniversaries, Couples Showers, Engagements, Birthdays, Mother's Day and so many much more!

What to buy a Wine Lover? What to buy for a Charcuterie Board?

Charcuterie Board being held by person - engraved with "The Smiths"

It’s springtime and you have plans. Backyard parties call for one thing in the snack department: charcuterie boards. So what do you buy for a charcuterie board?

Well for starters, you’ll need a charcuterie board if you don’t already have one. Don’t have one, we got you. Our one of a kind charcuterie board can be monogrammed to make a perfectly unique gift. Made from Red Oak, it comes with well arranged compartments for each savory or sweet treat. 

Already got a Charcuterie Board?

No worries, use this list for ideas on what to fill it up with: 

  • Meats like salami and proscuitto - Charcuterie means cold cooked meats so salami and prosciutto are no-brainers, but spanish chorizo is also a good option that is not as commonly seen on boards. 
  • Bread and Grain Crackers like baguettes and Triscuits - Mini baguettes and multi-grain crackers are the perfect plate for building the perfect bite!
  • Cheeses like Brie and extra sharp cheddar - Soft and hard cheeses give guests a variety to pair with their meats. 
  • Fruits & Veggies like grapes and sliced bell peppers - A balanced charcuterie board should be colorful and provide an assortment of flavor combinations. Grapes pair great with a number of cheeses, and who doesn’t love the crunch of a red bell pepper?
  • Olives, Nuts, and Spreads - Bring this masterpiece together with olives, nuts, or spreads. Green olives, salted pecans, and your favorite dip are all you need to bring a board of sliced meats and cheese into a snackopolis. 

What to buy for a Foodie? What to buy someone who loves to cook?

dark walnut cutting board

At this point isn’t everyone who enjoys eating a foodie? Well, maybe not. Foodies take pride in the experience a dish creates, and some take pride in the dish they are able to create. (Looking at you home cooks). If you know someone who fits this bill, check out the Drapela Works cutting board

If you know someone who likes to cook, they’ll tell you they have a favorite cutting board and a backup cutting board. That’s because the cutting board is a kitchen staple for those who like to cook. The quality of a board can mean the difference between dulling your equipment 

All cutting boards are reversible and come with a juice groove on the top to protect the engraving from getting dirty. This handcrafted cutting board was made in Texas and finished with food-safe Mineral Oil. Each board is 14’’ x 11’’ x 1.25.

What to buy for a new mom? Push Gift Ideas

Three Giant Baby Blocks

Gifts for new moms, or push gifts, have become commonplace. So if you are in the market for a gift for a new mom, our giant baby blocks take the stress out of shopping.

These one of a kind oversized baby blocks make the perfect addition to any nursery. These baby blocks are much bigger than your typical blocks that you are used to. The baby block measures 4 inches on each side (10 x 10 x 10 cm), weighing over 1 lb. All six sides of the baby block are customizable. They are engraved with the child’s name, birth details and parents information.

Drapela Works has Gifts for Any Person and Any Occasion In Your Life

As you can very much see, Drapela Works has gifts for each and every occasion. Gifts for the person who is hard to buy for, and each and every person in your life. But don’t just take my word for it; take a look for yourself! You just might find that one special gift you have been searching far and wide! 

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