The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

The Best Christmas Gift Ideas for Grandparents

Grandparents play such a large role in a child’s life. Whether they are a block away or across the country, they are always able to spoil us rotten. Even more so now that technology has such a large helping hand in making staying in touch just a click away.

With the Christmas season so quickly approaching, finding a gift that is memorable for Grandma and Grandpa can be tricky. They usually just enjoy the presence of their family, and if you ask them for ideas, you'll likely get a reply like "oh we don’t need anything!”.  But keep in mind, most thoughtful gifts do not need to break the bank to leave an impact! We have all made the macaroon necklace a time or two, but there comes a time where you can leave your mark with something they can use everyday! We have compiled a list of 10 gifts to guarantee to bring a smile to any grandparent!

Recipe Cutting Board

cutting board with recipe on it
Recipes are not pinned on Pinterest – much rather - they are written down (old school way). If grandma, grandpa, or another relative has a family favorite recipe, have them write it down and turn it into a custom-made gift with their handwritten recipe laser engraved on a cutting board. A gift like this one will be cherished for generations to come.

Vintage Wooden Wall Beer Opener

Vintage Wooden Wall Beer Opener

Whether your grandparents enjoy a crisp beer on the weekends or just prefer their beer to come out of a glass bottle, this wall-mounted bottle opener will come in handy. With a compartment to catch the bottle caps, this will be a home essential.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

This e-reader is the perfect gift for grandparents who love to read. Both Grandma and Grandpa will be able to enjoy their favorite book anywhere! This updated version is completely waterproof and is available in black or white.  

How to Babysit a Grandma/Grandpa Book

How to Babysit a Grandma and How to Babysit a Grandpa

Stock the bookshelf with these well-loved books that will be fun to read over and over again. The kid narrator gives fun tips for how to babysit a grandpa. There is a version of the book for Grandma as well!

Wine Subscription

Wine Subscription box being opened

A monthly wine subscription would make a great gift. Grandma and Grandpa would be able to try all kinds of different wines without financially committing to buying them.



This ManStand® is not just for Grandpa, it can be for Grandma just as well! It keeps all everyday essentials organized and easy to locate. It holds your Wallet, Phone, Apple Watch, Keys, Glasses, and Miscellaneous items all in one place. Perfect for the grandparents who are always looking for their everyday essentials.

Weighted Blanket

Woman sitting on couch with a weighted blanket

Give your grandparents better rest for the holidays with a weighted blanket. These weighted blankets help us calm down, fall asleep faster, stay asleep better and for longer, and help them feel more rested when they wake up.

Personal DNA Genetic Test

23andMe box

One thing that you can count on when buying a gift for your grandparents is that they will appreciate any piece of nostalgia or revisiting their family history. The 23andMe Health and Ancestry Service is a simple and convenient way to unlock your family's history. It's incredible what a bit of saliva can reveal about your family tree, and your grandparents will be nothing short of amazed!

Personalized Coffee Mug

Personalized Coffee Mugs for Grandparents

Commemorate any special date with an adorable personalized mug set, or you can simply just add their names. This gift is sure to bring a smile to grandma and grandpa when they open the cabinet to see it waiting for coffee or tea in the morning.

Maze Games

These wooden handheld maze games make the perfect addition to any side table. They are great for motor skills and can be toted around anywhere, even perfect for those long care rides to visit grand babies! 

Christmas Gift Ideas

No matter what gift you decide on, they will be sure to love that you took the time to show them you care. You can pair any of these gifts listed above with a colorful card or handmade drawing and it will be sure to bring on the tears(of joy!).