What to Get My Partner for Valentine’s Day | Valentines Gift Ideas

What to Get My Partner for Valentine’s Day | Valentines Gift Ideas

We’ve just gotten through the holiday giving season, and here we are again, just weeks from another gift-giving event! Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell someone you love them and are thinking of them. Of course, we know you can do it any time—but why not go all out this year with a gift your partner will cherish for a lifetime? Here are a few Valentines Gift Ideas:

Valentines Gift Ideas for the Partner Who Loves to Cook

Red Oak Cutting Board - Drapela Works Gift Ideas


Make meal prep personal with a special cutting board. Available in red oak and walnut, we’ve made these thicker than the average cutting board—they even have a juice groove! These can be used for everyday slicing and dicing, or as a base for lovely charcuterie spread. If your “person” right now is your pet, how about a personalized barkuterie board? Or perhaps you want to say I love you to a friend or other family member—this is a gift that everyone can appreciate. See how we make them here

ManStand - Gift Idea for him

Valentine’s Day Gift for the Organized Partner

If your person is someone who always says “there’s a place for everything,” they’ll appreciate receiving one of our personalized ManStands®. Available in multiple styles and finishes, they’ve got storage for a smartphone, wallet, keys, glasses, and anything else they might want to keep in one handy spot.  We always like to note that these can be for anyone, regardless of gender! If they need a spot by the door or by the bed for stuff, this is a great gift.

Maze Games - Gift Ideas Coffee table games

A Valentine Gift for the Partner That’s Restless

Sometimes, you just want to stop them from scrolling through TikTok or fidgeting through your latest binge watch. We feel you! Your partner may need to practice mindfulness, but struggle with sitting and meditating. There are some great activity-based mindfulness activities, such as coloring, walking, and writing. We’d add our maze game to the top of the list! Paying attention while doing a specific activity can help reduce stress and anxiety, and improve focus.

Letter Bank - G - Grayson Custom Piggy Bank

Valentines Gift Ideas For the Partner Saving for Something Special

Our letter banks aren’t only for kids. This is a great valentines gift idea to buy for your special someone, or even make use of together. Whether you’re saving up together to plan a wedding or take a trip, or your partner has a debt to pay off or something specific they want to save up for, having a way to see tangible progress toward a financial goal is a great gift. It also acknowledges that you see the other person and want them to succeed!

Who do you want to give a meaningful gift to this Valentine’s Day? Whether it’s a partner, a friend, a parent, or someone else, we have a gift for anyone on your mind. All of our wood gifts are handcrafted in the U.S.A. Have questions about our products? Contact us.